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Henna Tips

One tip on getting darker henna stains

Hello there!

Over the years people have asked us here at Red Head Henna to reveal our secrets to a darker and longer lasting stain.

Today we reveal one of our best tips…

Heat. Henna loves to be warm.

When the paste in on your skin and you are waiting the 6-12 hours for it to stain your skin, expose that drying paste to heat of some kind.

A hairdryer is a perfect tool for this. Once the henna is dry, blow dry the design for 5-10 minutes being careful not to burn yourself. Make sure to take a break in between to apply some sealant such as our Citrus Spray, then blow dry again. It is ideal to do this a few times in a row.

Well that is our tid bit for today!

Good luck all your henna artists,

~Red Head Henna

Hello there!

I am glad you visited!

We here at Red Head Henna have recently had a lot of questions about the henna process. And while this is great, we felt we needed a place for our customers to come and learn all the tricks of the trade.

Here is our first tip:

When you’re taking pictures of you henna try and do it in natural light! The contrast and tone will be much better than artificial light.

Natural Light:



Artificial Light:





See the difference?

There’s ┬átip #1. Look for more coming soon…

~Red Head Henna